laser marking machine

Continuous Flow Laser Marking Machine

Continuous Flow Laser Marking Machine

Machine de Marquage laser

CREI offers a standard model of continuous flow laser marking that allows you to engrave text or shapes on glass or plastic bottles. It is also able to check the quality or the content of the marking thanks to a vision control and to manage in an automated way the evacuation of the nonconforming bottles.

In contrast to our indexed laser marking machine, this machine is suitable for small vials or samples (2 to 10 ml), operates at a higher speed (100 vials/minute), and only marks the bottom of the vials.

However, we are also able to adapt our machine to your specific needs: a lateral marking, the adaptation of the machine to slightly larger vials in terms of volume, an increased marking rate … Moreover, you can order the machine with a stainless steel casing, choose the color of the frame or benefit from a remote maintenance service by modem.

We invite you to send us your specifications below so that we can study the best solution for you.

You can also contact us directly by email or by phone.

Below, you will find the video of our indexed laser marking machine as well as its technical data sheet.

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