Industrial Laser Marking Machine: Indexed or Continuous, which one to choose?

Industrial Laser Marking Machine: Indexed or Continuous, which one to choose?

industrial marking laser machine

When purchasing an industrial laser marking machine, you have the choice between 2 types: an indexed flow laser marking model and a continuous flow laser marking model.

At CREI, we have designed a standard machine of each model so that you will benefit from their specific advantages according to your needs. Therefore, CREI will advise you on the best industrial laser marking machine model for your specific needs. To do so, we will first analyze the common points of the 2 models, then their specific characteristics and, to conclude, we will orient you towards the most suitable laser marking machine. 

Indexed Flow Laser Marking Machine

Continuous Flow Laser Marking Machine

Indexed or Continuous Flow Laser Marking Machine –

Their common points

Fully automated, our laser marking machines, whether in an indexed or continuous flow, will allow you to engrave text, shapes, or codes on glass or plastic bottles. Moreover, they are equipped with an adapted and performing vision control technology, as well as a 100% automated system for the evacuation of non-conforming bottles, ensuring an excellent quality during the marking of the products.


The specificities of each model

Marking area: our indexed model adapts to all types of bottles and can perform side or bottom marking. The continuous model is specialized in high-speed marking on the bottom.

Vial volume: the indexed industrial laser marking machine will adjust to the volume of any vial, bottle, or sample, ranging from 2ml to 400ml. The continuous model is particularly suitable for small volume vials, from 2ml to 10ml.

Marking speed: the continuous flow model can mark up to 100 vials/minute, reaching a production capacity 150% higher than the indexed model. The indexed model can therefore mark up to 40 vials/minute.

Options: the indexed model can be equipped with a second laser marking unit (for double marking), 4 cameras for vision control with character reading (article code, batch number, datamatrix), and a vial orientation system for marking in a precise area on the vial. The continuous machine offers an even greater increase in marking speed, the adaptation of the machine to larger volume vials, and the possibility of marking on one side.


What is the most suitable laser marking model for my needs?

If you produce small vials, from 2ml to 50ml, and you are looking for high-speed marking, our continuous flow laser marking machine is the perfect option for your application. It will be an excellent investment in small vial marking thanks to its unmatched productivity and total autonomy.

If you prefer a more multipurpose and precise machine, adaptable to more diverse volumes (from 2ml to 400ml), our indexed flow laser marking solution will be an excellent investment given its adaptability and productivity.

For more information, you can download their technical data sheet on our Standard machines tab. You can also send us your specifications so that we can study the best solution for you or contact us directly by e-mail or by phone.